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Real Estate Abroad

To invest in real estate abroad is a solid, reliable and highly liquid investment. This is a good way to diversify your income. To own property objects in Europe and USA will open a lot of doors and will greatly facilitate owner and his family life providing a variety of social preferences, including the possibility to obtain a residence permit, favourable loans in European banks and free movement around the world.

All this and a host of other things will create a stable high demand for the real estate purchase in the European Union and increase investment projects growth implemented in cooperation with the foreign partners in the territory of other countries.

To invest in real estate abroad is one of the most reliable way to save your capital and obtain a stable income. Fortezza experts know how to select the most profitable investment options, calculate all the hidden costs and expenses and settle any issues related to law compliance in the country chosen, including taxation subtleties for its customers.

Interestingly enough, construction process outside the country is no less bureaucratic event and it is not always clear for the ordinary people. Therefore, proven intermediary involvement for successful project implementation is vital. For example, in some countries and regions construction is strictly regulated and excludes the possibility to involve your own team of builders. Building regulation is constantly changing with the new technologies development and quality standards improvement, discrepancy with which may result in heavy penalties event demolition of the house in case of improper project approval. In accordance with the legislation of the European countries, in most cases construction activity can be performed only by the local licensed construction firms, each of which is engaged in the narrow sphere and accredited by the state authorities.

Fortezza implement investment projects in cooperation with only well-established local companies O which are our proven partners. We provide architectural and engineering supervision and partially perform the volume of construction works involving our own teams at those stages where it is permitted by the local legislation.

As a rule, construction process abroad is cheaper than finished house purchasing by 20-25% and the process of house “turnkey” commissioning takes in average 12-15 months. The possibility to obtain loans from the European banks granted for investments makes construction of real estate abroad particularly advantageous.

We provide construction supervision, export of building materials as well as finished wall sets and units for combined houses erection, which is greatly popular in terms of drop in the national currency exchange rate. We are dealing with the customs issues and permits at all stages of transportation, construction and commissioning, according to the norms and laws of the country Owhere construction is carried out.

Our work is targeted at your invested in house construction capital to become profitable investment.

Our customers benefits are :

  • Professional construction and development service provided by our own and foreign experts at every stage of the project implementation;
  • Current expert evaluation and recommendations about land plot location and the important aspects on which you should pay your attention;
  • All issues related to transaction documentary registration and support and construction works performance;
  • All required project approvals receipt from the engineering supervision authorities;
  • Coordination of all issues and regulations with local and architectural supervision authorities;
  • Site design, construction and landscaping by highly skilled architects and qualified teams of  licensed builders in the EU and USA countries.

We are ready to answer any of your questions about how to invest in Russia, and purchase property abroad.

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