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Houses in Moscow region

If you are thinking about your country house building in terms of investments and its further sale or rent, we know how to do it in the best possible way and to resolve all issues related to project approvals, construction and finished home sale.

Before investing it is a good idea to thoroughly study all the rules of the game. Very often, investors-beginners under or overestimate the success  of a project. Most of the problems can be avoided only by experienced investor, who has in their portfolio more than one implemented project.

It is necessary to undertake right assessment of the market situation, risks and possibilities for their minimization and , even better, to neutralize them at all to make investments in suburban real estate successful. As a rule, a pool of partners from some of the most reliable real estate developers (whom we carefully select using the strictest criteria ) can contribute to this:

  • the history of developer;
  • successful projects implemented for the last 2-3 years;
  • financial guarantees

When selecting investment project it is a good idea to consider not only the reasonable price but also its liquidity, resale perspective and a number of qualitative characteristics of the project:

  • comfortable location;
  • accessibility by transport;
  • developed infrastructure of the area;
  • all utilities available;
  • natural environment;
  • high-quality house architecture and homogeneity of the village development and the segment as a whole.

The recent real estate market research findings show that the most desirable segment for real estate purchasing is finished houses for a 3-5 member family who would like to purchase houses outside of city. Such investments have the highest yield and are always in demand.

Moscow is expanding its territory. The new state policy in connection with administrative facilities relocation outside the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) territory creates a favourable environment for Moscow citizens emigration in the environmentally safe and much quiet than the metropolis Moscow region. However, despite the steadily increasing demand for the middle- and business-class houses, to find finished and comfortable house of a worthy quality for the permanent residence is a tremendous challenge. There is always a plenty of offers for house sales, most of which do not meet even the minimum quality standards. This very factor is a major sticking point for many people when choosing between purchasing a finished house and construction of their own, which requires a great deal of time and effort.

Fortezza provides ready-made investment solutions, which guarantee quality construction of houses, reliable and environmental friendly materials, and well thought-out architectural and design solutions will make your house comfortable for use and will bring a lot of joy to its occupants. We build the houses that meet all quality standards making your investment project standing out from a variety of different offers in the market.


  • purchase of land plot;
  • warm circuit construction;
  • connection of utilities with all documents execution and approval by gas, power and fire authorities;
  • shell & core fit-out and fine finish of the house;
  • sale of facility.

Deadlines for warm circuit construction are 4-5 months. At this stage, if you wish, facility can be put up for sale. Deadline for investment “turnkey” project implementation is 8-12 months.


  • our customers know the best period for land plot or finished property purchasing in a particular cottage;
  • they are aware of the most promising projects of the Moscow region;
  • they know about developers` promotions and discounts we receive from our partners on an exceptional basis;
  • they are offered with convenient payment options / deferred payments for the investment facility;
  • they obtain title documents immediately after land plot payment;
  • facility insurance at construction stage;
  • full support of all issues related to the documents execution, construction permits and approvals procurement and other obligatory municipal and inspection authorities.

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