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State-of-the-art developments in the area of engineering allow making your home comfortable, safe and autonomous. Properly designed automation and smart home systems help to fully control its conditions and all systems functioning. Equipment from leading manufacturers and professionally implemented utilities ensure uninterrupted operation of all home systems: water supply, electrical engineering, ventilation and others.

Fortezza house is a unique, thought out O living organism. Reliability, efficiency, environmental friendliness and simplicity in operation are the basic values we follow in the engineering concept development.

A set of engineering systems is developed individually for each customer, depending on the climatic conditions, peculiarities of house location, distance from the gas mains, electricity mains and other parameters.

The main Fortezza engineering directions:

  • Heating, water supply and drainage systems;
  • Ventilation, air-conditioning and climate control;
  • Electricity, lighting and lightning protection;
  • Low current systems;
  • Telecommunication networks, home theatres and multiroom audio systems;
  • Video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems;
  • Central dust removal systems and built-in vacuum cleaners;
  • Complex automated control systems “Smart home”;
  • Alternative energy sources.

In the course of project development and implementation, our engineers achieve maximum well co-coordinated operation of all systems making energy use more economical and house management convenient and simple.


Fortezza uses the most advanced technologies and systems to achieve the best result. Below we will draw your attention to some of them:


Particular attention is paid to environmental friendliness and rational use of energy. Fortezza experts strictly select the best solutions provided by the most advanced companies in the area of alternative energy sources development and implementation today, including: wind, moving streams of water and sunlight.

Our approach is to always stay ahead of the historically formed standards applied to the use of irreplaceable natural resources and to follow the best and proven alternatives available today. For alternative energy generation we use:


Which convert solar energy into electricity. Advanced panels are aesthetic, durable, operation-friendly and have high performance.


Efficiently use solar energy to generate heat. Unlike solar panels which directly generate electricity, solar energy collector heats a material-carrier.


Converts low temperature energy carrier into higher temperature one and distributes it to the consumer. It features compact and reliable operation with fully automatic controls. Another advantage  of heat pumps is their capability to switch to a reverse mode air conditioning.


Alternative energy sources gain considerable popularity today. Power consumption becomes more rational, and renewable energy sources become actual and accessible.

Respect for nature and energy consumption makes Fortezza operating results not only high quality and harmonious, but also intelligent and worthy.


Smart Home is a unified management and control system intended for the comfort and safety of your home. It incorporates electronic systems of your home, engineering, multimedia and security systems, radically changing the view of the modern life principles. Smart Home will create an optimal climate and energy saving, distribute temperature control for each room, set the desired indoor air quality, ventilation and heating mode, watering and lighting. Programmed multimedia movie script will drop down a motorized screen, pull out hidden in O niche projector, close O blinds on the windows and switch off the light. The security system will take care of not only O integrity of engineering systems, but also keep your house safe from intruders and protect against emergencies. Electrical devices left turned on will be turned off and fire alarm will be activated in case of fire. All engineering systems will operate interactively, for example light will be switched off when you leave your house and air conditioner will not operate if any window is open.

All devices are controlled by a single wireless remote control and multi-functional wall panels, which are simple and easy to use. Thanks to the Smart Home system you will have a possibility to constantly control and manage different systems using smartphone from anywhere in the world. When you are not at home your phone calls can be forwarded to your mobile. When you return, air conditioner will be turned on and warm water will be filled in the bath. You can always get the latest information from the surveillance cameras.

Smart Home is an innovative complex of intelligent automation for maximum comfort, perfect micro-climate and reliable safety of your home.


To heat country houses water heating is the most convenient, efficient and safe way. Water is heated by boiler and circulated through the pipes to radiators to heat your house. In this case boiler can be gas, diesel, solid fuel, electric or combined-type. The choice of fuel depends on the region characteristics and customer preferences.

For the heating system to run efficiently and timely, a thought through and well set-up  boiler is a must . Fortezza experts know that boiler design and installation is the most important stage in the process of the heating system construction. We work with the best European providers of the engineering solutions ensuring smooth operation and long service life. Our experts will perform a precise calculation and equipment selection: from wires and pipes to boilers and radiators, and also provide permanent after-sales servicing to ensure customer’s home is always cozy and warm.


Heat insulated floors are the most convenient and comfortable heat sources for the human body. They ensure premises heating uniformity and thermal resources savings. Such floors can be heated both using water and electricity. The heating system becomes invisible and each room uniformly heated.

Such type of heating is useful for the health of all house occupants. Warm floor is especially liked by kids and pets and it will be highly appreciated by all those who like to sit on the floor.

Fortezza provides “turnkey” design and installation of the heat insulted floors ensuring that customers receive highest quality, warmth and comfort.


Fortezza delivers the most advanced engineering solutions in the area of water supply and sewerage:  drilling wells of any complexity, filtration and water distribution systems, equipment against leaks and installation of inserts in the sanitary ware.


Project development, electric engineering selection and installation of any complexity from the world`s leading manufacturers:

  • Wiring;
  • Backup power supply;
  • Terminals connection;
  • Switchboards assembly;
  • Low current systems.

Highly-skilled professionals of Fortezza will implement the house electricity project in compliance with all safety requirements supplying the most comfortable solutions for your house.

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