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An extensive record of our specialists’ high quality work means that every plan will be made special and its infrastructure comfortable.

It is highly advisable to start working on a landscape project at the stage of development of the architectural part of the main house and identification of scenic places. This helps to think through all the details to the utmost precision as early as at the stage of sketches.

A properly planned arrangement of buildings and use of space render a unique and complete look to any country house, while an elaborate concept enables to combine the inner and outer nature of all the structures into a single image.


Creating a landscape project includes working out a spatial concept (3D visualization, SketchUp, manual drawing) and detailed design documents, which can be further used as a basis for:

calculating a total estimate cost;

providing a work production schedule;

planning a budget;

implement landscaping according to the project.

The detailed design includes an elaborate plan of all the facilities and engineering structures:

  • master plan;
  • dendro-plan (с приложением ассортиментной ведомости);
  • site layout drawing;
  • layout of road surfaces, retaining walls;
  • working out drawings and selection of materials for pavement, paneling, decorative banks;
  • bills of works;
  • cost estimate, explanatory note.


As we know, a properly developed space has a positive impact on the level of comfort and living standards, as a whole. Fortezza provides the best solutions for private estates, as well as for the development of cottage communities.

Depending on the goals and tasks assigned, we are ready to design and implement:

  • arrangement of alleys and paths;
  • arrangement of water bodies;
  • arrangement of an automatic watering system;
  • arrangement of drainage and storm water sewerage;
  • arrangement of a lighting system;
  • arrangement of retaining walls;
  • hardscaping;
  • planting and handling of plants;
  • arrangement of flower beds and grass lawns.

We adopt a customer tailored approach to each particular project and its implementation, as well as subsequent support service. Fortezza offers solving a comprehensive package of tasks, which saves your time and money, and leaves you utterly satisfied.

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