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Any country house is a complex mechanism consisting of multiple systems and elements. It requires control and timely professional servicing. Subject to compliance with all building technologies and proper maintenance, home use will be comfortable and, of course, satisfy its occupants, serve as a fortress to the family for generations.

Fortezza offers a full range of services for utilities operation, as well as residential and non-residential premises and adjacent territory.

Maintenance of each system is provided depending on the requirements, standards, and maintenance recommendations of the manufacturer.

Staff professionalism and high organization of the working process allow putting your house in order or maintaining order in all areas of house essential services as soon as possible starting from the utilities operation to adjacent territory servicing, whether it is swimming pool cleaning or landscaping.

The range of Fortezza maintenance services includes preventive or repair works in the following areas:

  • natural flow and storm drains;
  • wells;
  • water supply and water treatment;
  • gas equipment;
  • boilers;
  • heating systems;
  • fire systems;
  • landscaping: lawns mowing, watering systems service, plants preparation for winter or summer season, etc.;
  • cleaning services;
  • water drainage system for the roofs.

Wide experience and high skills of the experts help to solve any issues of any complexity and find the most optimal solutions for each customer within the shortest period.

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