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SPA philosophy represents architectural solutions for harmony of the man`s internal balance, vital energy restoration and self-knowledge.

A healthy lifestyle, exercises and relaxation is the key to strong health, internal balance and vital energy preservation. You will appreciate your own space for wellness treatments and exercises.

SPA & WELLNESS space can provide you with that special feeling of harmony and inner balance.

We work with the best manufacturers which guarantee quality and reliability of their equipment, environmental safety and quality of natural materials.

The Wellness concept development includes finding an optimal solution for the selection of space, functionality and equipment to meet the needs and preferences of the entire family.

The content of the Wellness areas can include:


Project development, all types of equipment and filtration systems selection and installation provided by the leading German and American manufacturers.

We offer 2 types of the swimming pool bowls:

  • Monolithic concrete bowl
  • Composite bowl

We are ready to implement even the most unusual and complicated solutions, to further operate and maintain equipment.


Hammam or Turkish bath is the most mild and gentle sweat bath.  Unlike other options it is the most optimal solution for people who cannot tolerate high temperatures or have contra indications to traditional sweat bathes. High humidity tends to 100% and low temperatures range from 35 to 50 degrees creating special atmosphere in which you can enjoy O all hammam treatments and reach the deepest feelingO of relaxation and tranquility.

Fortezza experts know how to bring the hammam to life where you can completely relax and envigorate your  body and soul.

Hammam construction is a form of art and the actual construction process is very individual and intricate. Architectural features of construction, finishing materials, shapes and dimensions are customer tailored. All solutions are implemented in conjunction with the centuries-old traditions and the best of modern technology and engineering solutions.



The traditional Russian bath, black banya (sauna) and Finnish sauna have melted hearts of many big lovers of sweat bath around the world, and currently gained the greatest popularity among all other analogues of sweat baths and thermal baths.

At the wellsprings of our baths are the ancient traditions that add a special zest and at the same time respect the pace of modern life. Why not create an excuse for yourself and your loved ones to escape the daily grind and and enjoy beautiful moments in the warmth and cordiality of bath experience.

Sweat bath creation is a process we treat as an art. We create a space in which you can enjoy perfect steam and sauna whisks that will envigorate your body and strengthen your immune system.

We perform construction of all types of sweat bathes and deliver finishing with materials from the best suppliers of jadeite, cedar, linden and abashi. And also we are able to manufacture tailor-made furnaces based on an individual sketch and in compliance with all and any technologies and intricacies to have really soft and light steam.

We are confident that after such bath experience you will notice a positive difference in your  mind , body and spirit.


The main achievement of the halo therapy is in respiratory system purification, body`s cells saturation with useful ions, skin renovation and relaxation and beneficial effect of salts on the human body as a whole.

During salt rooms construction Fortezza uses only actual Himalayan pink salt using original installation system without glue and hazardous materials. Salt use in the room decoration can be represented in the form of wall in the sweat bath, exercise room, game zone, bedroom and as an entire room.


Snow room is included in a series of innovations in the area of bath complex procedures and has gained wide popularity among judges of healthy lifestyle, hardening and traditional customs of the Russian bath. As you know, diving into the snow and rubbing of the steamed body with clean and fluffy snow give a lot of positive emotions, strength, vigour, strong health and activates all body systems.

Fortezza offers optimal professional solutions for the snow room equipment where temperature can range from 0 to -18 degrees with the possibility to adjust snow humidity gifting positive feelings even to the most sophisticated judges of the Russian bath.


Fortezza offers only the best and proven SPA equipment from which it is possible to distinguish the following main directions:


We know water and air are the main tools to achieve profound relaxation of your mind and body. Feel the utter bliss after having immersed (dipping) into the cloud of warm streams of water and gentle bubbles of air enveloping your body. Leading manufacturers embodied all the best in the sphere of hydro massage when created the highest quality Spa swimming pools. The consideration is given not only to the physical benefits like good physical health, beautiful skin and balanced nervous system but also to the interior decoration, whether it is Spa, bathroom or even “blue lagoon” in your bedroom.


Relaxation in gravity-free state. Embryonal environment served as an inspiration for float SPA construction which will be created by means of gravity compensation and water temperature identical to the body temperature. Floating has gained wide popularity and recognition around the world thanks to the excellent restoration of emotional equilibrium after stress loads, growth of the happiness hormone, deep contact rwith yourself, development of the left hemisphere, creative solutions to any problems, brain stimulation in general, acute senses, better sleep and concentration.

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